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Blast from the Past: No money? It’s your wife who will pay!


This couple is in deep trouble, that’s the least we can say! The guy should have never borrowed money from this bunch of perverts knowing full well he could not give it back. The warnings are now a thing of the past. ‘YOU DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY” asks the boss? “Well, too bad for you my friend, it’s your wife who will pay”. Pants fall down and quickly they take the woman by the hair and order her to suck their cock! The poor woman is scared at first but quickly becomes aroused. As it has been a while since her husband is not the lover he used to be. She welcomes three cocks at once without complaining, an hardcore mouth fucking like I have never seen before. She follows by a triple penetration, two in the twat and one in the ass, she is totally stuffed in cocks! Each guy makes sure to fuck all her holes before blowing his load on her face and the dumb fuck husband finishes by getting all excited and even masturbate over her face!

Date: March 23, 2020

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