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The cajoling of prisoners


Corner of the penitentiary has recruited a new psychiatrist to care for its inmates. The problem is that it has made in hiring only hope to be jumping all convicts found it to his liking. She knows that the poor guys do not often see the chicks in a suit and black stockings, and she will quickly make them completely nutters. She comes to his first prisoner, who is lying quietly reading, and not ask him any questions. She undresses illico to appear before him in her lingerie set black bitch! The type has not seen such a wonder for months and jumped on it to pitch his tail. The mouth of the psychological expert cash that big cock that comes and goes in his throat, then let her eat her pussy for pleasure. The bed squeaks and the convict now deals with this terrible slut strokes cock in doggy style, tossing loaves of brown farms. Seeing her completely numb with pleasure, he decides to leave this exquisite pussy bitch for screwing her anus … You think it bothers her? Not at all, this slut to enjoy even masturbate her clit!

Date: March 3, 2020

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